Fun Stuff

May 2015 WIS Departmental Retreat:  The Dead Sea


View from my room at the Royal Rimonim Hotel. The Jordanian side of the Dead Sea can be seen in the distance.



Dead Sea Works — an Israeli potash plant. Workers at the plant are currently on strike due to layoff threats from the administration.



Building within Masada (English: fortress). The Siege of Masada ended when Jewish warriors occupying Masada opted to commit suicide rather than become Roman slaves.  The events that took place at Masada are viewed in Israel as a symbol of heroism.



View of desert, Dead Sea from Masada



Last night of the retreat: Dinner in the Desert. Music and Food courtesy of local Bedouins!


Fall 2013 Blaber Lab Retreat:  St. George Island


Group Photo:  Russell, Connie, Liam, Sachiko, Jihun, Susie, Dong


Blaber Lab Retreat1

Beautiful beach at St. George Island!


















Paying our respects to Paul Dirac

Liam and Connie with Paul Dirac

Liam and Connie Tenorio at Paul Dirac’s grave in Tallahassee, Florida.








Adopted Two Kittens

The Kittens

Pema and Piña at ~5 months.