Passed Thesis Defense!

I successfully defended my thesis, “Symmetry and Simplicity in Protein Evolution and Design.”

My dissertation benefited significantly from a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Ozan Kumru and Dr. C. Russell Middaugh, and their contributions are much appreciated. ¬†Thanks go to Ms. Lyn Kittle and Dr. Anant Paravastu for their friendship and good humor throughout my graduate education; Dr. Jihun Lee for her unwavering support and kindness; and Ms. Sachiko Blaber for her wisdom and perspective. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Michael Blaber for his mentorship and I am proud of the work we did together. My time in the Blaber Lab will always stand out as one of sincere happiness. Finally, I would like to thank my family–my Aunt Helen, my grandmother, and, most importantly, my mother–for their constant support and unconditional love.

Here are some pictures from the event:


Dr. Blaber and me right before the talk.


Dr. Blaber gives me rabbit ears¬†and Connie photobombs…

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